There are different ways to approach Health Coaching, so if you are considering hiring a coach, it’s important to get to know your future coach and ask lots of questions to see if you are a match.

Today, I ended a 6 months coaching with a lady who reached her goals:

  • lose 10kg 
  • Integrate regular exercise
  • Feel satisfied and healthier

All of this whilst keeping long term goals in mind, such as making sure this is a lifestyle change and not a diet, understanding what’s best for her, optimising sleep, managing and balancing hormones as they caused a lot of headaches in the past (they are almost completely gone after 6months!) and last but not least to balance these habits with a busy work and family life.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I support you with food habits that help you reach optimal digestion and good metabolic rate to make sure you lose weight without focusing only on calories. 

But I actually do my best work in understanding the why’s of your actions, I analyse behaviour, put a mirror in front of you and ask lots of questions. We stay out of the guilt part, instead dig deep in the analysing part where we use that information to turn into actionable future steps and goals.

Meeting every 2 weeks and showing up is a very important commitment to achieve results, but most importantly, being open and ready to try new things in life, do not hold on to your past knowledge and allow me to let you guide you towards your health goals.

I feel confident that the lady who ended her 6 month journey with me has good habits installed so she doesn’t see this as the end of her weight loss journey, rather the beginning of a healthier life that will help balance her life, be an example for her young kids while staying energised along the way.

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