Hi, I’m Tanja Smits 

I’ve worked with busy professionals and homemakers over the last 5 years to take them on a journey of self-discovery and bring their health and wellness into alignment to find the joy in being well.

My approach is holistic & I work with your goals to create sustainable change that is long-term healthy habits.

Being healthy is not just the food you eat, but everything that affects your daily life including relationships, career, stress, movement & sleeping habits. You can feel great without doing it all perfectly or thinking you have to be on a specific diet for the rest of your life.

I wasn’t always health-conscious. Let me share my personal journey and how I shifted my life.

My Previous Life 

In my twenties and thirties, I was a business professional working for an international company in marketing that involved a fast working pace. It was a “work hard/play hard” culture and a great company to work for. In my personal life, I loved parties and entertaining friends. But slowly, steadily this lifestyle started to take its toll on my health.

Being exposed to a stressful work environment and not having the tools to destress healthily, this lifestyle triggered my immune system and my eczema (I suffered from eczema from being a baby till the age of 12). My eczema was back and worse than ever.

I got sick easily, struggled with cold sores, felt drained all the time and was always on a diet (research revealed that women spend on average 17 years of their life dieting and yes that was me too!).  

Strangely enough, I defined myself as healthy as I would bring mostly healthy meals to the office and included workouts regularly (while ignoring the overload of sugar and alcohol, but yes that was my own perception back then!).

I finally hit the lowest point of my life around 2011 when I woke up one day and realized that I was a workaholic & struggling with healthy boundaries around sugar and alcohol. I was burnt out. This was when I finally decided to take time to reconnect with myself.

becoming beyond healthy

2012 was the start of a new era in my life and slowly, other doors started to open. With the help of my medical doctor and a life coach, I started to change my diet and I took a 3-month break from work to start healing my inner self.

A few years later my family and I arrived in China for a job mission for my husband, and from then, my healing accelerated. Our move opened doors to study Holistic Health and I had the chance to get certified in a field that I meanwhile became so passionate about. I studied Integrative Nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, practiced Tai Chi, learned the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, became a Reiki master and volunteered for many organisations. I also learned to work with my emotions and reconnect with my authentic self. 

The heart in my logo represents different ways of how a heart connects to ourselves and our health, from a physical point of view, the heartbeat as a sign of life, to heart health as a representation of a healthy body, affected by what we eat, how we move and sleep to managing emotions; loving ourselves and others. 

Today I support others in their search for optimal health and hereby include many areas of health. My background in the corporate world and my personal challenges help to relate to my clients and therefore my goal is to create realistic but lifelong, sustainable habits based on your situation.

I found that most doctors, and health and wellness practitioners usually focus on one area of health and I want to help to connect the dots to many areas of your health and life, beyond your traditional ways of thinking about health.

Health Studies:

  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (IIN)
  • Gut Health (IIN)
  • Hormone Health (IIN)
  • Emotional Eating Psychology (IIN)
  • Whole Person Health (IIN)
  • Detox Your Life (IIN)
  • Reiki (1,2,3, Crystals, Psychometry, ongoing training) 
  • Coach (GoMasterCoach, ACC certification in process)

I specialize in losing weight as part of making lifestyle changes, finding the right foods for your digestion, balancing hormones and the psychology of eating. I also work alongside medical doctors to support their patients with (pre) diabetes, cholesterol health, heart health, liver health, high blood pressure, thyroid imbalances and many more.

Are you curious about your health potential? Schedule a free health discovery session today and have a conversation with Tanja about your health.