I’m a Belgian living in Singapore, in my mid 40s, healthy food lover, Reiki master, yoga lover, runner (less since Singapore), cyclist (since Singapore), like to organise stuff (yes that’s a hobby), mother of a teen, and wife (or technically still girlfriend) of a man who happens to be a chef/technical food advisor.

My desire to help others on their health journey is the reason why I shifted my career. It took me a few decades to figure all of that out by doing my own research, studying, getting licensed, and doing the things I had to do to heal and to reconnect with my true self.

We only have one body, and if you treat yourself with healthy foods, positive thoughts, and lots of laughter and love, you will unlock a part of yourself that is so much more powerful and real.

My Previous Life 

I used to live a completely different life working for an international company in marketing that included a full-time career, smoking, and consuming too much alcohol and sugar. Friendships were superficial. I was living a fast life traveling between Belgium, France, Holland, Vancouver, and San Francisco for work, and never missed a party. I loved that pace of life. When everything happened the way I planned it, I was happy. When my to-do lists were done, I felt satisfied.

I even considered myself healthy; I was trying to eat healthy meals and doing regular workouts (it was from a diet point of view – to stay on track with a number I had in mind).

My immune system was very low, and I got sick easily, had many skin issues like eczema, and my belly was always bloated. My weight always fluctuated and variations of 8kg were very normal to me.

When hitting a low point in life around 2011, I finally decided to take time to reconnect with myself and realized that what I had been doing was escaping from myself. I was a workaholic, sugar and alcohol addict. 

2012 was the start of a new era in my life and slowly other doors started to open.

A few years later we arrived in China and from then, everything accelerated. Our move opened doors to study Holistic Health and get certified in the field that I was so passionate about. This included finding my spiritually with Reiki, learning to work on emotional blockages, and connecting more with my authentic me. I learned what really healthy food is through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, tried Tai Chi, finished a beginner course in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and for the first time ever, volunteered for many organisations and it made me realize that giving back is exactly what I needed.

Today … 

I am still working on many things, but I am doing so much better than before. I thrive on a whole foods/clean eating diet (which is not a diet but a lifestyle)! My friendships became deeper connections that feed my soul on a different level. I wake up in the morning ready to take on the world! My immune system is much stronger and I no longer want to go back to my old ways and habits.

With all of this knowledge and experience, I want to help others who are going through similar struggles: finding joy in being healthy. It seems easy, but when you lose track, you need someone who can put you back in the right direction.

Are you ready to embark your journey with me?


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