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Beyond Healthy’s step-by-step, evidence-based programmes supports you in all areas of your health – nutrition, exercise, stress management, emotional intelligence, mental balance, and more.

The 21-day Balance Booster Program

Join our 21-day online group program, rewire unhealthy food behaviors & develop healthy food habits, improve digestion, balance hormones, lose weight, increase energy and so much more!

Registrations for January 2024 are now open.

Discover My Approach to Health

Want to know more about all the different ways I can support & guide you towards your health goals? 

Hi, I’m Tanja Smits

I’ve worked with busy professionals and homemakers over the last 6+ years to take them on a journey of self-discovery and bring their health and wellness into alignment to find the joy in being well.

My approach is holistic & I work with your goals to create sustainable change that is long-term healthy habits.

Being healthy is not just the food you eat, but everything that affects your daily life including relationships, career, stress, movement & sleeping habits. You can feel great without doing it all perfectly or thinking you have to be on a specific diet for the rest of your life.

I wasn’t always health-conscious. Let me share my personal journey and how I shifted my life…

Why Work With Me?

My programmes are centered around the following principles.


As important as food is, your health is determined by much more than just what you eat. You also must nourish the areas of your life that feed your soul, such as positive relationships, a fulfilling career, and finding joy and purpose. This is what I refer to as the holistic integration of all dimensions of your well-being to create true health and happiness.


All the nutrition concepts, lifestyle, emotional and mental support are based on nutrition science or have extensive research. But one person’s food is another person’s poison. I will work closely together to analyse your current eating and lifestyle habits to identify, mentor and coach the best approach to reach your health goals


Means experimenting with one new thing at a time and choosing to make changes that feel small but doable long-term. This makes it easier to implement new habits and determine if they support your needs. Sustainable shifts add up to big results over time. Working on lifestyle changes is more about the willingness to invest time and energy in the process.
Signature Programmes
Heal My Health

Choose this program to significantly improve your health by gradually changing your food and lifestyle habits. This program is created around your personal goals.

Upgrade My Health

Choose this program if you already have some awareness of a healthy lifestyle but need support to continuously grow your health journey. 

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It’s fun! Never thought to be on a diet.

Costanza about the 21-day Balance Booster

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Definitely worth it! I loved the support, videos and research info to help us on the journey. I plan to continue using the recipes etc.

Anna about the 21-day Balance Booster

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When I started working with Tanja it was to change my eating habits lifestyle once and for all; ultimately to come off my medication for hypertension.   Four months in, and I have already reduced down to one medication and am a big step closer to my goal! Thank you, Tanja, I am eternally grateful.
Tamara about her Health Coaching Journey

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After the coaching session my biggest take away is that I lifted myself up from my emotions.
Soraya about her Health Coaching Journey

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You really made me excited about being healthy!! This is the best journey ever.
Wilma about her Health Coaching Journey

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As a medical doctor, I spend a lot of time telling my patients how to eat healthy. The Balance Booster was an amazing insight into the psychology of our food choices and what eating healthy actually looks and feels like. I can now advice them from my experience. Thank you Tanja!
Huey about the 21-day Balance Booster