I strive to do a workout every day, even it’s a very small one – because it’s essentiel to get that body moving , your blood and oxygen circulating. You feel so much better!

Today was a tiring day at work and you might think that I’m one of these persons that just naturally love workouts and so run off to the gym as a daily habit without any other thoughts going through my mind.

Haha! No way! 20 millions ideas came to my mind this afternoon, “I should better do some shopping now”, “What about a quick nap”,” I could do some cleaning, finish this and that”… all little excuses to skip my workout. Instead I found a little bit energy and the 1 excuse not to skip the gym and so went 35′; 30′ elliptical and 5′ weights training and I’m so happy I didn’t go for any of my other choices that went through my mind today.

Why did I finally do my workout? I decided to go only for 35′ instead of a full hour or more workout and I could read my audio book so killing 2 birds with 1 stone  (actually I don’t kill animals, nor people, so I really don’t like that saying) ?

I took my iPad to the gym and listened 35′ to Dr Wayne W. Dyer during my workout about “The Power of Intention” and felt completely connected, present, aligned and full of new energy after that short 35′ gym workout. Something that wouldn’t have happened when doing one of the other choices.

So tomorrow I will workout again, and I hope I don’t have to fight any other thoughts.


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