Living in Shanghai and running is not easy. There are bad air days where it’s really not healthy to go running outside. And I’m not sure if running inside is so much better as we are not sure whether the purifier in the gym is working properly. And running does open your lungs and uses them at a high capacity. But when living here you have to settle with something, a positive mindset is equally important.

And 2016 has been a good AIR year in Shanghai. It’s only since mid November that the air isn’t that good. So I made a deal with my running partner. If the air is under 150 AQI/60PM, we run outside, otherwise we run in the gym. And we hope the gym do what they suppose to do.


I have tried many other sports the past few years, yoga, swimming or a series of fitness activities in the gym. But it was only when doing an Ayurvedic Questionnaire and finding out my type (I’m Kappa), that my sport is running! Oh I was so happy to read it, and went back into my running habits. Since then I did half a marathon and I’m trying to schedule running as a frequent habit again. I feel so much better, so much better compared when doing any other sport. Yoga was good too, it was incredibly satisfying that I became so flexible and that I was able to do headstands. But not the same feeling when running. So probably for my body it would be best if I could combine both but my focus is running and I’m doing yoga at the not running days.


But so I discovered running gives me balance, my skin has more colour and especially my hear is shining more, can you believe that?

Each person is different, and not everybody likes the same and that’s all right. What is your sport? Why do you like it? Feel free to comment below.




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