3 things to improve your breathing

It seems easy but we actually breathe most of the time shallowly. Shallow breathing is also called chest breathing, these are breaths up till the chest area not using the diaphragm. Your belly is not moving and only minimal oxygen goes into the lungs.

But hey, we want our bellies moving!  Yes ladies, holding up our bellies to show flat tummies is not a good idea, we need Happy Buddha Bellies!


What’s the difference between shallow breathing vs full breaths? I can list all the benefits, but the best example is to see how yogis look like.


Those who practise yoga regularly have a different face expression, they look more relaxed and their skin is smooth, because they nourish their body with oxygen! Our body is made up of 50 trillion cells, they are spread all over our body and they need food, blood and oxygen. Yes oxygen is a big part of it. Simply put, it relaxes the nervous system, balances the brain and opens energy.


Here are 3 easy things to do every day

1# Every time you notice that you are breathing shallowly instead of moving your belly up and down, take note of that and change – start that belly moving up and down. Take deep breaths and correct your breathe.

2# Take a moment every evening before going to sleep (ideally also morning) to breathe consciously;

  • take a few deep breaths in and out,
  • listen to your breath, is it smooth or rather hoppy?
  • smooth out your breath, allowing the length of the inhale and the length of the exhale to become equal,
  • the more effortless you do this, the easier it will become,
  • Stacey Schuerman teaches a powerful 5 minute breathing technique:

#3 is hopefully not happening every day, but when in stress, the best thing to do is take a deep breath. Did you know, when breathing, you cannot have angry feelings 🙂 So take a deep breath and count to 4, then hold your breath for 4 seconds and count another 4 seconds while breathing out. Repeat 4 times (so remember 4×4) You should feel much better!

Let’s all strive for Happy Buddha Bellies 🙂

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