We arrived in our culinary country Belgium and are invited to diner parties and meet with friends and family. Luckily I informed them about my alcohol experiment upfront and they all are very understanding and do not bring me in additional temptation. But I can tell you, it’s hard. Bottles pop open, the nicest champagne and wines are pulled and I decline and poor sparkling water in my wine glass with a smile on my face. But my smile is not the happiness that I’m experiencing at that moment.


The hardest part is at the beginning of the party, when the bottles open, it’s like I made happy memories with that moment and I feel I’m missing out by declining. I would love to say, Ooooh just one, but I know that’s not possible. I would ruin the whole experiment in a few minutes … and I really really don’t want to do that.


But later on, once everybody is drinking, I’m happy that I don’t.  I would love to drink only 1 or 2 glasses on an evening at special occasions, and that’s my goal after this year. But I feel I’m not ready yet. I’m afraid I would choose for 1 today, 2 tomorrow and too much at New Years eve.

The biggest advantages the past few days are :

  • my jet lag is over after 3 days (7hrs difference)
  • the air-travel itself felt much better as I hydrated with water only (and a lot this time!)
  • I sleep so much better

Christmas parties are coming up … ai ai ai … They open the nicest wines and champagnes from their precious wine cellar. I think I need a meditation moment to get through this.


Let me end with this piece of inspiration

“Do what feels right for you, you deserve to make your own decision”

“It’s okey to be You nique”

Happy Holidays everyone!