It’s been exactly 1 month since my last glass of alcohol. And all goes pretty easy … well … not really … I have to admit I indulged into my previous addiction … Sugarrrrrr.

But before going deeper into the sugar, let’s sum up the positive stuff from quitting alcohol:

  • clear head, fresh ideas, faster thinking, faster thinking, faster thinking and especially … faster thinking.
  • always (mostly) in a good mood
  • easier to get out of bed in the morning
  • don’t need so much coffee any more, 1 cup a day is more then enough; some days no coffee
  • it’s great to be able to still start a project after dinner with a clear head
  • not so tired at night

Exactly 8 days ago, I indulged in sugar again. Well…I do have to explain what I mean with sugar.

My diet consists of whole and real food with lots of veggies and fruit – so natural sugar is ok, a bit of honey (raw) or maple syrup, carrots, … but I stopped eating the white stuff or artificial sugars or candy bars or yoghurt with added sugar, or breakfast cereal with added sugar etc etc.

But yes … you read it correctly …I indulged…


So I ate snickers, twix, crisps, cookies, sugar candy but luckily not all in one day 🙂 it was spread out over 1 week and 1 day. At first it wasn’t daily, and over the weekend I didn’t eat any, but weekdays after work/afternoon time are my weak moments.

If I have to explain it to myself, I would say:


  • not enough home cooked meals, not enough leftovers for the lunch the day after
  • ran out of home made healthy snacks
  • still figuring out why only weekdays, not weekends
    • it was like I was craving it more when leaving work (and passing by the grocery shop before entering my home) so is it because of the habit, the opportunity, the craving, the missing out of something.

Time to take matter in my own hands again … I’m meeting w my health coach on Friday, seems it’s hard to figure by myself out how to reverse it again, and I really want to give up artificial sugars. I’m sure she will be able to shed some light on the situation and see it from an angle that I’m not able to see right now.


I’ll keep you posted!

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