Warm weather calls for ice cream. But my tummy unfortunately screams bloated belly whenever I have one! It took a few years to realise that those ice creams actually are not serving me well. I get extremely thirsty right after (because of high amounts of sugar), my tummy is bloated for hours (not funny when in summer clothes, I look pregnant), and I feel digestive upset often resulting in urging toilet visits. But for many years I didn’t feel these side effects, how come? I was simply in denial. Connecting food with how I feel is something I learned only the last 5 years and made me want to find alternatives.

Now I know better. I found good and yummie alternatives. Not only for me, also for my family as we are all to some extend dairy sensitive.

For the recipe below I use pureed mango, lime (do not ommit), maple syrup (can change for honey or ommit if you don’t need it too sweet) and any kind of plant based milk. The swirls make it look nice, but you might need to work on perfecting that over time. It’s more about the taste, not how it looks!

For the ice-cream moulds, you can find plenty online, also Ikea sells them. The ones pictured are made with mini carboard tasting cups, I added a wooden popsicle sticks which I bought online.

Looking forward hearing how your popsicle turned out!


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