It has been a week since my first blogpost “Wine, Beer and sometimes Gin and Tonic” and 2 weeks since quitting alcohol.

At the same time, I’m refraining from white sugar – all artificial sugar actually (but still eating fruits, maple syrop, raw honey, black chocolate …). This should help with my cravings and get me back on track with my healthy habits. I stopped eating articifial sugar a little over half a year ago but lately got a bit off track, so therefore I wanted to reset both at the same time.

It went good. At least when looking back at it today 🙂

Let’s go a bit more into detail:

The first few days were hard as it was really a habit of opening a bottle of wine with diner in the evening. Not having wine but water instead felt like something substancial was missing. But because my husband wasn’t in town and it was only me with my daugther, it was easier. After the 2nd night, I wasn’t really missing anything any more. My sleep was so much better.Wow that was easy.


The first weekend was hard, I was in a bad mood especially in the evenings as I didn’t like to drink water AGAIN and EVERYTHING seemed boring. I was wondering why oh why did I think it was a good idea to start this challenge? I wanted to give up and tell myself I can drink 1 glass of wine during the weekend instead of refraining from alcohol completely. I skipped Happy Hour at work but did go to my neighbours place for diner on Saturday night and I had a hard time, the guest was drinking red wine and I was lurring at his glass all the time … oh my goodness, is this going to be like this all the time? I went home and to bed early. This is how I felt and I don’t exaggerate:


But oh oh oh, Sunday felt great! I survived the first week without alcohol! And had so much more energie. I had a great time with my daughter, singing and dancing, catching up with happiness.

During the 2nd week, it became much easier, and I was feeling so good.

Energy levels went up amazingly. No more dark circles under my eyes. Skin cleared up and even a little red “healthy blush” appeared on my cheeks – I didn’t have to use so much make-up any more.

What amazed me was that I didn’t feel detox problems like real heavy sugar cravings or headaches. I think it’s because I ate more “fatty” food in order to keep cravings away. So I used some butter when cooking, full fat yoghurt (home made), ate some cheese and a lot of eggs … Normally I use olive oil or coconut oil and no or very few dairy. But research has shown that eating fat helps with the sugar cravings and that clearly worked! Only downside is that I only lost 1 kilo in total over the course of the 2 weeks and I was hoping to lose a few more … heyhey … but never once I was hungry or had to watch my portion sizes, just focussing on natural foods all the time. So all in all, happy with the result!


During the 2nd weekend, it was still hard, but easier then the first weekend.

Friday evening was the worse. My hubby arrived back in Shanghai and we went out for a meal. Celebrating without wine is something never happened before (except when I was pregnant), so I didn’t feel super happy but wasn’t so moody as the first weekend. We even went for drinks and my friends actually decided not to drink alcohol. How considerate!

So all is going relatively well, but I will have to face my mood and fear and go to more social gatherings during weekend evenings and figure out what else to drink, while having fun and feeling good.

Will share my plan how to face my fear soon.

Thanks for all support messages, really appreciate all of them!!!

Stay tuned,