Secure your seat for the next group program of the Balance Booster in Oct 2022.

The main focus of the October Balance Booster is to reset from unhealthier foods like sugar, flour and processed foods and drinks by following a step by step program and by introducing plenty of whole foods for the month of October. You will have group motivating and my professional guidance including a full handout to support you along the way.

I will integrate other areas of whole person health too (exercise, emotional, mental and spiritual health), but the main focus in Oct is food. Are you in?








Find Joy in being well.

Eating healthy food shouldn’t be a difficult diet to follow, but a lifestyle which gives you energy, uplifting mood, and is the key to longevity. But what is healthy? And how can I change my everyday life to a healthier one?

Being healthy is not just the food you eat, but also everything that affects your daily life including relationships, career, stress and sleeping habits. Being healthy should not be hard, confusing, or overwhelming. You can feel and look great without doing it all perfectly or thinking you have to be on a specific diet.

21-Day Balance Booster

The 21-Day Balance Booster program is a program that let’s you re-connect with your true self by eating clean foods, exercising regularly and practice mindfulness. I will guide you throughout the 21 days to help create new healthy habits and you will come out of the Balance Booster with new energy and insights to incorporate in your daily life. 

Personal Coaching

My genuine desire is to help you make life-long changes that will benefit your health. There is no “one diet fits all,” and so by personal coaching I will create a customized plan for you, that will gradually change your habits into healthy ones.
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It’s fun! Never thought to be on a diet.

Costanza about the 21-day Balance Booster

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Definitely worth it! I loved the support, videos and research info to help us on the journey. I plan to continue using the recipes etc.

Anna about the 21-day Balance Booster

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When I started working with Tanja it was to change my eating habits lifestyle once and for all; ultimately to come off my medication for hypertension.   Four months in, and I have already reduced down to one medication and am a big step closer to my goal! Thank you, Tanja, I am eternally grateful.
Tamara about her Health Coaching Journey

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After the coaching session my biggest take away is that I lifted myself up from my emotions.
Soraya about her Health Coaching Journey

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You really made me excited about being healthy!! This is the best journey ever.
Wilma about her Health Coaching Journey

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As a medical doctor, I spend a lot of time telling my patients how to eat healthy. The Balance Booster was an amazing insight into the psychology of our food choices and what eating healthy actually looks and feels like. I can now advice them from my experience. Thank you Tanja!
Huey about the 21-day Balance Booster

The Art of Journaling

Journaling is a very powerful tool to connect better with yourselves. We do so many things without being conscious about it, that when putting things on paper, it helps with understanding yourself better and listen more intuitively to what our body has to say. My Wellness Journal is a 6-month journal that will take 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening to capture the core. It has monthly exercises to better understand your happiness level and put action points to it.