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My genuine desire is to transfer your lifestyle into a healthier one that makes you happier and more energetic than before! My goal is to make you feel that you don’t have to diet any more, to help you avoid illnesses or diseases from unhealthy lifestyle choices, to feel free! Our genes only play only a small part of our health. With our lifestyle choices, we can determine to turn our genes on or off.


  • Personal Health Coaching: Based on your personal needs and goals, we work together on your health journey.
  • 21-day Balance Booster: A 21-day group program with clean food, workouts, and building a positive attitude to reset unhealthy habits.
  • Workshops and Classes: Gather information about a specific topic and learn interesting insights that will help you to gradually make changes in your life.
  • Talks: Hire me to talk about holistic health, reading food labels, engage teenagers in their decision-making process and more!
  • Reiki: Energy healing with hands-on or distant therapy to help heal your imbalances.

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Personal Coaching

healthy foods


  • Struggling to get your healthy lifestyle goals accomplished.
  • Trapped in a cycle of constantly falling off the wagon when it comes to making healthy choices.
  • Confused and frustrated as there are so many health information out there and you don’t know where to start.


  • Eat yummy food that’s healthy at the same time.
  • Be in great mental and physical shape.
  • Have boosting energy all day long.


  • Kick start your healthy lifestyle?
  • Ready to go on a program that will gradually, step-by-step, introduce healthier choices so you won’t even remember how it was before?
  • Stop procrastinating on your goals?


  • You are ready to put some effort to get results.
  • You are willing to cook more and/or try new foods.
  • You are motivated to get a healthier you!

At your first appointment, we will assess your health history and understand your challenges, dreams, health and wellness goals. After that session, I will propose a custom plan based on your needs.

Example plans:

  •  4-month plan where we meet every 2 weeks.
  •  6-month plan where we meet every 2 weeks.
  • Initial weekly sessions then bi-weekly meetings later.

We will create achievable, realistic, and accountable goals. Once we both agree on these, your wellness journey starts.

I will meet you where you are, and step-by-step we will work together toward your goals, This might mean trying different foods, integrating a detox to reset your taste buds, giving you tools to deconstruct cravings, adding in exercise, clearing your kitchen cupboards, and participating in a supermarket tour.

The most important part will be your participation in our 50-minute coaching sessions. You will share what’s new and good with me, and by the end of each session, I will give 2 to 3 recommendations to implement for the coming 2 weeks.

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Workshops and Classes

wellness class participants

Participate in workshops where you will learn about a specific topic. Each workshop is available individually as a coaching session,  can be tailored at your home with friends, or done as an online (zoom) video conference.


  • Are interested to get updated on the latest health Info.
  • Want to understand how you can apply this information in your own life.
  • Want to work on your own journey at your own pace.


  • Participate in a small group (5-10 people)?
  • Meet like-minded people?
  • Receive delicious recipes with each meeting?



21-Day Balance Booster

The Balance Booster lets you re-connect with your true self by eating clean foods, exercising regularly, and practicing mindfulness. Together with other experts and guest speakers, I will guide you throughout the 21 days to help you create new healthy habits. You will come out of Balance Booster with new energy and insights to incorporate into your daily life.


  • Ready for a reset and want to put things in action.
  • Struggling to get exercise in your daily life.
  • In need of easy, healthy recipes that work for you and your family.


  • Dedicate 1 to 2 hours a day for 21 days to invest in yourself?
  • Meet a tribe that share the same mission?
  • Gain energy and feel great?

The Balance Booster runs two times a year in February and October. Sign up to receive information about when the next one will be organized.

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Reiki is energy healing with hands-on therapy or distant therapy to help heal your imbalances. A Reiki treatment is very relaxing and will usually instill a feeling of wellbeing, peace, calm, and balance.

Reiki helps to clear energy blockages and release toxins that have built up in your body.

A treatment is helpful for relieving stress and anxiety, and also helps boost low energy levels while reinforcing the immune system. Reiki also is a powerful tool for self-understanding and spiritual development. As an alternative and complementary therapy, Reiki can efficiently be used in combination with conventional medical treatments to help recover quickly and reduce the side effects of their treatments.*

I received my certification as Reiki Master practitioner from Sera Shivnan at Aspire Health (*source AspireHealthShanghai).

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