Personal Health Coaching


  • Struggling to get your healthy lifestyle goals accomplished.
  • Trapped in a cycle of constantly falling off the wagon when it comes to making healthy choices.
  • Confused and frustrated as there are so many health information out there and you don’t know where to start.


  • Eat yummy food that’s healthy at the same time.
  • Be in great mental and physical shape.
  • Have boosting energy all day long.


  • Kick start your healthy lifestyle?
  • Ready to go on a program that will gradually, step-by-step, introduce healthier choices so you won’t even remember how it was before?
  • Stop procrastinating on your goals?


  • You are ready to put some effort to get results.
  • You are willing to cook more and/or try new foods.
  • You are motivated to get a healthier you!

At your first appointment, we will assess your health history and understand your challenges, dreams, health and wellness goals. After that session, I will propose a custom plan based on your needs.

Example plans:

  •  4-month plan where we meet every 2 weeks.
  •  6-month plan where we meet every 2 weeks.
  • Initial weekly sessions then bi-weekly meetings later.

We will create achievable, realistic, and accountable goals. Once we both agree on these, your wellness journey starts.

I will meet you where you are, and step-by-step we will work together toward your goals, This might mean trying different foods, integrating a detox to reset your taste buds, giving you tools to deconstruct cravings, adding in exercise, clearing your kitchen cupboards, and participating in a supermarket tour.

The most important part will be your participation in our 50-minute coaching sessions. You will share what’s new and good with me, and by the end of each session, I will give 2 to 3 recommendations to implement for the coming 2 weeks.

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