BB – Test


Mental Detox

  • Morana will talk about the power of thoughts and the importance of a positive mindset.
  • You will learn about supporting vs. toxic thoughts, how to create empowering thoughts and how that might be helpful during detox period.

Color Breathing

  • Morana will do 2 minutes guided meditation themed Color Breathing.

Supporting Beliefs

  • Morana will talk about supporting beliefs when going out, what to keep in mind to stay present and in positive mindset.


  • Morana will do 2 minutes guided meditation themed Waterfall.

Food & Vibration

  • Morana will talk about how change of food can change your body vibration toward health or illness  or vice versa.

Feel Better Now

  • Morana will do a two minute guided meditation on “Feel Better Now!”

Be Friend with Mindfulness

  • Morana will give you tips to “Be Friend with Mindfulness.”
  • She will empower you to embrace the fun part of mindfulness.